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Adriana Garibaldi

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Adriana Garibaldi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1951.
Daughter of artists, she has maintained, since an early age, a great connection with the world of painting and with everything that refers to artistic expression, by attending exhibits and art galleries.
Her mother painted in the impressionist style, and her father worked mainly with the human figures.
It was under their influence that Adriana develops a desire to pursue a professional career in art.
At twenty-three years old, Garibaldi attends the workshop of Argentinean artist, Jorge Ludueña; where she studies for three years, improving and mastering color and form techniques.
Since 1978 she works and lives in Brazil developing her own technique and style that best reflects her fantasies and spirituality.

artistic approach: 

If I should define my painting briefly, I would say it is a continuous search for my inner self. For me, painting is a dialogue with this eternal self, my partner for ages, reliving past experiences not even brought to conscious, yet unveiled in each brushstroke. Subdued by the human figure, I paint in an almost obsessive way, as if it were difficult for my body to follow my restless visions, that outburst through colors and forms as a magic kaleidoscope of thoughts, emotions and feelings. This inner quest transcends present and time in search of a genuine timeless art; the inner nature that reveals itself in the visible body of the art work; the wholeness of infinity manifested in the finite. My search toward giving concrete form to what is abstract and formless is a permanent imprint in my work, as if wishing to individualize and partially organize reality, drawing it away from the chaos of soul’s emotions.