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Francesca Alepin-Kneider


Creativity, Université de Montréal
Interior Design, Académie Internationale du Design
Feng Shui and Bazi, Centre d’Excellence de Feng Shui

1990 Completed studies in interior design. Carte blanche to renovate a home. Discovered the appeal of glass as a material to be used in art integrated into architecture.
During this period, I undertook many creative projects on the national and international level. This is when it all began: numerous glass creations integrated into architecture, many glass artworks, exclusive works including glass installations, sculptures, panels, tables, doors, murals, contemplation room, tiles, centrepieces, light fixtures, and chairs. Created multiple-piece works in a series including utilitarian objects and new products such as the famous HECTARUS® basins.

artistic approach: 

My personal development took the form of a ten-year commitment to a “master’s program” in meditative and spiritual studies. I went on many retreats in the state of Oregon and engaged in many formal and informal meditative practises.

These meditative practises were accompanied by many artistic creations.

This fully emerging intensity inevitably led to my meeting with Marcelle Ferron (1924-2001), the painter and glass artist who had signed the “Refus global” and a major figure on Quebec’s contemporary art scene. The common denominator was the person who produced our glass artworks. We developed a deep connection as I worked with great freedom on her monumental glass works for projects that integrated her art works into architecture. These projects were part of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec’s Programme 1%. This “grand master’s” final ten years coincided with the beginning of my prolific years as an artist, and the work I did on her projects certainly influenced my own.