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Lili Côme


To learn, to forget, To explore, was to lead me to my own truth

Right after being a student at Olivier de Serres, and when I began to study in the National School of Fine Arts in 1988, the art media were constantly mentioning that Art was dead.
I did not agree. I could not accept the very idea of the death of Art.
I had to choose a different path in order not to be stuck in a dead-end.This is when I began to explore this long and challenging road which was to lead me to my own truth.

I started by learning how to depict reality as it appears to everyone. As I developed my theoretical understanding of art, I was able to acquire the skills required to represent shapes..

I attented a series of lessons on nude painting which used live models, and I spent hours observing, and sketching the animals in the Jardin des Plantes. Studying in Paris allowed me to immerse myself in ancient cultures and museum artwork.Later on, I endeavoured to translate, of my feelings, and perceptions into shapes, colors and materials.

I experimented a lot, sometimes using Paul Klee's comments from his book "On Modern Art", or Matisse's quotes, or my own intuition.

artistic approach: 

I have been living in Paris for a long time. I felt oppressed by some, heavy gray lid, which prevented me from expressing myself truly and honestly.

In 1999, I decided to move to the South of France, which is when my palette literally exploded. .. The light, colors, and warmth of that region allowed me to reach further into my pictorial expression., I am still exploring this aspect of my art today.

I like to explore different media, etching, and lithographs. I created four series of those on heavyweight paper in Jacques Berville's workshop in Uzès. In 2006, I started a series of small-sized sculptures, made from clay, thread and beads, then a mosaic artwork series named "Totems".

I am first and foremost a color artist, and I enjoy exploring, and painting imaginary landscapes, unique characters which I find in my journeys through literature, my daily visual experiences, memories of my childhood, and unexpected subconscious ideas which pop into my head.