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Profil aux papillons

Year: 2018

Size: 40" x 40"

La jeune fille à la perle et papillons

Year: 2017

Size: 40" x 40"


Year: 2018

Size: 40" x 40"

Hommage à Ingres

Year: 2017

Size: 40" x 40"

Hommage à Battista Moroni


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Serge Déry


Holder of a bachelor's degree in Art and other one in Graphic Design, I worked as Art Director for magazines during 10 years, and then worked as a graphic designer at CBC-Radio-Canada, in charge of graphics and animations for RDI news network (concept designer and 3D animator).

I've won several national and international awards for the quality of my work in Graphic Design. In July 2015, I've decided to devote myself full time to my passion which is painting .

artistic approach: 

My painting is at first an exploration, looking for who I really am as an artist. My way of thinking, what touches me. My passion is portrait, the face as a mirror of the inner emotion and human condition.

Passionate about nature; I'm always aiming to capture the human being as a fragile animal in an increasingly precarious environment.

My latest creations are the result of a three-dimensional search. I use butterflies in my paintings as a metaphor for life's fragility. Butterflies symbolize the lightness of being, the metamorphosis, the death and/or rebirth ...

I am sometimes inspired by famous paintings that I treat in a more contemporary way, as a kind of a quest in continuity with the old masters. In search of a balance between beauty and chaos, I mix styles, realism blending in abstract expressionism. I work oil in layers of bright colors on deep backgrounds in a spontaneous gesture trying to preserve the freshness and energy of the first sketches.