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Ils nous regardent X

Year: 2019

Size: 36" x 48"

Ils nous regardent 2

Year: 2017

Size: 30" x 48"

Ils nous regardent 3

Year: 2017

Size: 30" x 48"

Elles nous regardent 4


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Marie Montiel

artistic approach: 

For Marie Montiel thinking and painting are two inseparable elements. Painting is the essential way to crystallise her ideas, thoughts and concerns.
She has lived part of her childhood in a medieval dungeon. This historical site left its marks on her mind and imagination: so many elapsed centuries and so many lives have shaped these walls. There she has developed her interest for human condition, for contemplation of the world and in particular for painting, the kind which went through centuries and whose freshness stills remains to this day.
Marie Montiel’s pictorial technique is an essential set of skills acquired through her studies in Fine Art in Montreal as well as in Europe. Oil is her medium of choice. Each and every painting requires an infinite patience. Drawings, sketches, grisaille, all is good to bring the work of art from out of limbo where it was sleeping. Then come colours, hues and harmonies which complete the process of giving life to the picture inhabiting her spirit. Oil pigments, the wide range of thinners and siccatives delight her because of their malleability and versatility. They allow her to use and control opacities and transparencies, impasto or glazes which she carefully applies over the canvas in thin successive layers.
Her creative process is slow and thoughtful. Her figurative style is nurtured by observing our contemporaneity. Her realistic style is highlighted with abstract touches throughout the work. Painting is a knowledge tool. It allows her to study people as well as things. It also helps her to become a witness of our era and its major questions. She tells of a precise moment in time, a feeling or a thought observed on a face or an object. The atmosphere, the pose, the gesture but also the colours or texture express on canvas Marie Montiel’s personal vision of subject matters.
Universality of emotions and attitudes within humans as well as animals is the main focus of Marie Montiel’s work. She testifies of this through her work and she hopes that it will trigger in the spectator a reflection and soul-searching process.