La Galerie BLANCHE


In 2007, the first Galerie Blanche opened its doors on St-Paul Street in the historic district of Montreal. Fifteen years later, in 2022, the Galerie Blanche on Greene was opened in Westmount to offer a wider selection of artists to its loyal clientele.


Galerie Blanche stands out for its eclectic collection of contemporary Quebec, Canadian, French and American artists. Paintings and sculptures, figurative art and abstraction are all on display. Galerie Blanche has built its reputation on the quality of its customer service both nationally and internationally.


When the gallery opened, Lyne Parent, our owner, chose the name Blanche to symbolize the White Page, the new beginning. Fifteen years later, La Galerie Blanche continues to promote renowned artists, faithful to the artists represented since its opening while continuing to add new artists who reflect the changing tastes of our local, national and international clientele.


What marks the success of Galerie Blanche, in addition to its exceptional selection of artists, is the expertise and quality of service of the art consultants who work there. Aware that buying works of art is a unique experience, our team works together to make this moment memorable.


Owner – Director

Aside from completing her degree in art history, Lyne Parent has been working and managing galleries for over 25 years, making her an expert in art consulting. Once you meet Lyne, you will not only enjoy her remarkable charisma, but will also discover her exceptional ability to establish great relationships with her artists and clients.

Sharon Galbraith

Director - Blanche on Greene

As the new Director of Galerie Blanche on Greene Avenue in Westmount, it is my mission to empower our clients by providing awareness and industry knowledge that has a direct and positive impact on their artistic goals and interest in art acquisitions. My extensive experience working at The Miami Art Fairs, as well as my over 25 years of retail experience in art, have provided me with cutting-edge and cultural knowledge. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with you.

Kathleen Finlay

Director - Blanche on St Paul

New director of Galerie Blanche in Old Montreal on St-Paul Street; my experience in the arts goes back more than 30 years. First as an artist, then as founder of a group of rotating artists exhibiting in several Canadian cities, I now wish to bring a new perspective to the work of the gallery's artists and share my enthusiasm and passion with our collectors.