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Magical Morning 7

Year: 2022

Size: 72" x 60"

Timeless Adventures 3

Year: 2022

Size: 48" x 48"

Morning Adventures 10

Year: 2022

Size: 36" x 72"

Songs of the Morning 3

Year: 2022

Size: 60" x 48"

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Ann Shogren

Artist Resume


Ann Shogren is an Artist with a unique vision of how art can capture and hold the energy of its subject. Her art has inspired people from a young age, as she started selling her art when she was only 8 years old. Over time, Ann Shogren’s work has progressed through many phases but has continued to inspire collectors. Shogren’s art is a part of hundreds of private and corporate collections around the world.

Born in Marshalltown, Iowa, USA, Ann Shogren received her formal education in art from the University of Iowa and did graduate work at the University of Portland.

Shogren’s artwork has been exhibited extensively throughout the years. Recently, her work has been shown in galleries and in digital art exhibitions at the Louvre in Paris, France and in Montreal, Canada, Napa Valley, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Santiago, Chile, Basel, Switzerland, and New York City.

Known for experimentation in her art practice, Shogren continually develops new techniques that involve creating new tools, uses of mixed media and processes to create a unique interpretation of her artistic vision. People who view Ann Shogren’s work often resonate with the colors and light that seem to emanate from the art. Capturing the feeling, energy and light of the subject is the goal of the Artist.

“My work seems to be on a very fast evolution & my subjects, medium and even my style often vary with my artistic vision. The one constant in my work is a quest to capture & hold energy for other people to experience in their own way. Positive, happy energy & interesting light is what I am drawn to.”

She chooses harmonious colors or more variation in tone and color contrast depending on the subject. Shogren’s goal is for the energy of the art piece to fill the space around the art, while still leaving room for the viewer to feel that they can experience the art and what it has to say themselves. This makes for an ongoing collection of energetic pieces that enliven spaces and uplift moods.

artistic approach: 

In my art practice, I am always trying to capture the energy of a place or certain organic elements and then hold that energy on canvas or paper for someone else to experience in their own way. By continuously experimenting, I feel like my work is always evolving and improving. How minimal can I make a piece and have it still feel like a moment in time, an object or a place I have been? If you look closely, my modern landscapes are often a collection of abstracted pieces coming together to create the image of a magical day or beautiful natural elements. No matter how abstracted the work is, I try to create it to feel like something from nature.
In my quest to create energetic works that capture the feeling of an object, a place or a time, a large number of art pieces have been created and privately collected over the years by avid Collectors all over the world.
Each day, I head to my studio with the intention of pushing the boundaries of modern landscape and abstract artwork. There is always one more idea to try.